Based on a 50-year family tradition, Pop-In-Kins Elves have been marketed through specialty stores and by word-of-mouth for more than 3 decades.   A Christmas favorite for generations, Christopher and Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins continue to win the hearts and praises of families and toy experts alike.

Meet the Pop-In-Kins Elves

"There are plenty of elves, then there are the Pop-In-Kins."-- The Toy Man, Rev. James Fisher

Christopher Pop-In-Kins and his sister Christina Marie are Children's Elves: chosen by Santa to visit special boys and girls throughout the holiday season.  These adorable elves love to play hide-and-seek, share in family traditions, and help spread Christmas spirit.

 Elves as unique as the children they visit!

Pop-In-Kins are about the same age as the boys and girls they visit.  Children identify with others their own age.   

Pop-In-Kins love children as much as Santa does.  During their visit, Christopher and Christina Marie try to learn everything they can about those in the Children's World.  

Good behavior, acts of kindness, and Christmas spirit are always encouraged from both children and elves.  

Pop-In-Kins Elves are magical and cannot be touched.  If this should occur, the elf must "pop" back to the North Pole to restore his or her magic.  

At the end of their visit, Christopher and Christina Marie return to the North Pole.   A child's hug may send them on their way. 

Christopher returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with a report about the Children's World.  Christina Marie and Mittens may stay until after the Christmas season.      

 The "rules" of the Pop-In-Kins Tradition are merely suggestions to follow.  Families are encourages to adapt these suggestions or create "rules" of their own.    

Each Pop-In-Kins Set contains a Pop-In-Kins elf with posable arms and legs, a hardcover storybook, and sturdy storage case.  Pop-In-Kins Elves can stand, sit, hang, hold, and maintain hundreds of positions...all by themselves!  No taping, sewing, or props needed.

Christopher Pop-In-Kins

Christopher "pops in"for a holiday visit from late November through Christmas Eve.  Before Santa packs his sleigh, Christopher must return to the North Pole with a report on his young friends and holiday adventures in The Children's World.

In his story "Christopher Pop-In-Kins Pops In", Christopher longs to visit boys and girls during the holiday season.  But no elf has ever been to the Children's World.  After much consideration, Santa grants Christopher's wish and the Elf Fun begins. 

A great way to introduce children to the hide-and-seek elf and the Pop-In-Kins tradition.  

Christopher Pop-In-Kins Set includes Christopher elf with bendable arms and legs, "Christopher Pop-In-Kins Pops In" storybook, and storage case.

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins

Christina Marie "pops in" with the first lighting of the family Christmas tree and stays until the end of the holiday season.  She encourages children to find the very best within themselves through sharing and acts of kindness.

In "Christina Marie and the Little Tree", Christina Marie sets out to be the very best elf at the North Pole.  But she has no success.  Through friendship and dedication, she and Mittens save the life of a little tree and learn what it truly means to be the very best.    

Winner of Creative Child's Magazine 2004 Holiday Book of the Year  

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Set includes Christina Marie elf with bendable arms and legs, "Christina Marie and the Little Tree" storybook, and storage case.  Mittens the Pop-In-Kins Cat available separately.

My husband has told me about him for years! I am so glad to be able to give him the gift of starting the same tradition of Christopher that he enjoyed as a child, with our daughter. I know they will cherish Christopher together!

– J.S., Oklahoma City, OK

I purchased my elf in 1988 and my young children and their friends absolutely loved him. They are now grown but we have a little great nephew that we...share this experience with. You have given such joy to so many children and parents!”

– B.T., South Portland, ME