popinkins picWhat are Pop-In-Kins?

Christopher Pop-In-Kins and his sister Christina Marie are Children’s Elves: chosen by Santa to visit special boys and girls throughout the Christmas season.  They love children as much as Santa does and are always ready for a game of hide-and-seek and to share in the joy and excitement of the holidays.

Pop-In-Kins Elf and Book Sets include a posable elf, a hardcover storybook, and storage case.

Christopher Pop-In-Kins Mini SetChristopher Pop-In-Kins

In “Christopher Pop-In-kins Pops In” ©1985, a little elf’s dreams come true when he is appointed Santa’s very first Children’s Elf.  This award-winning story introduces Christopher Pop-In-Kins to your children and sets up his holiday visit.


Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Mini SetChristina Marie Pop-In-Kins

In “Christina Marie and the Little Tree” ©2010, Christina Marie and her cat Mittens discover the very best within themselves through sharing and kindness. Winner of Creative Child’s 2010 Book of the Year.

Christmas Tradition

CP and CaseChristopher Pop-In-Kins and his story “Christopher Pop-In-Kins Pops In” have been a part of families around the world for generations.  Copyrighted in 1985, Christopher Pop-In-Kins is one of the oldest elves and elf traditions on the market today, predating others by 20 years or more.

What Parents Are Saying
“My husband has told me about him for years! I am so glad…starting the same tradition of Christopher that he enjoyed as a child, with our daughter. I know they will cherish Christopher together!”– J.S., Oklahoma City, OK

“The Elf has appeared at our home on Dec. 1 for almost 20 years.  Even as young adults the first thing they ask me when Dec. arrives is “Elf here yet?”…Christopher is such a part of our family’s holiday tradition.”  Joy Schumacher, Cambridge, OH

“I purchased my elf in 1988 and my young children and their friends absolutely loved him…You have given such joy to so many children and parents!” – B.T., South Portland, ME