There's Elf Fun for the entire family when Christopher Pop-In-Kins and his sister Christina Marie "pop in" for a holiday visit.  These elves have been chosen by Santa to visit the Children's World throughout the holiday season.  They love to play hide-and-seek and share in the spirit of Christmas.

How to Play: A few days before your Pop-In-Kins elf arrives, read  "Christopher Pop-In-Kins Pops In" or "Christina Marie and the Little Tree" with your family. These storybooks are a great way to introduce your children to Christopher or Christina Marie and the Pop-In-Kins tradition.  Soon your Pop-In-Kins elf "pops in" and the elf fun begins!


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Shared by families around the world for more than three decades, Pop-In-Kins elves continue to win the hearts of children, parents, and toy experts alike.

  • “My husband has told me about him for years! I am so glad…starting the same tradition of Christopher that he enjoyed as a child, with our daughter. I know they will cherish Christopher together!”– J.S., Oklahoma City, OK
  • “The Elf has appeared at our home on Dec. 1 for almost 20 years.…Christopher is such a part of our family’s holiday tradition.”  -Joy Schumacher, Cambridge, OH


Pop-In-Kins Elf and Book Sets include a posable elf, a hardcover storybook, and storage case.

Christopher Pop-In-Kins Mini SetChristopher Pop-In-Kins

In "Christopher Pop-In-kins Pops In" ©1985, a little elf's dreams come true when he is appointed Santa's very first Children's Elf.  This award-winning story introduces Christopher Pop-In-Kins to your children and sets up his holiday visit.


Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Mini SetChristina Marie Pop-In-Kins

In "Christina Marie and the Little Tree" ©2010, Christina Marie and her cat Mittens discover the very best within themselves through sharing and kindness. Winner of Creative Child's 2010 Book of the Year.