What are Pop-In-Kins?

“There are plenty of elves, then there are the Pop-In-Kins.”

Pop-In-Kins have been called “hanthe best elves ever!” special guest “pops in” from the North Pole to celebrate the magic of Christmas, create holiday memories, and Christopher Pop-In-Kins and his sister Christina Marie have been chosen by Santa to visit special boys and girls throughout the Christmas season.  These young elves love children as much as Santa does and are always ready for a game of hide-and-seek and to join in the excitement of the holidays.

Awards and CP and CMP1

Generations of families around the world have welcomed Christopher Pop-In-Kins into their homes for more than 30 years.  Marketed through specialty stores, mail orders, and online since 1985, Christopher continues to win the hearts and praises of parents, children, educators, and toy experts alike.